Well-Woman Toolkit: DRAFT

Additional Resources for Providers

providersProviders interact directly with women for preventive care and in addressing issues when they arise. These resources support providers during the Well-Woman Visit and beyond.

The National Women’s Law Center

  • Toolkit: Well-Woman Provider Organizations. This toolkit is for providers to get the word out about no-cost well-woman visit and includes information on how education and counseling services offered through this benefit can improve women’s health throughout her lifespan.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

  • Annual Women’s Health Care. This resource provides a number of helpful links for providers that perform annual well-woman care. Resource include the recommendations of the Women’s Preventive Services Initiative, well-woman recommendations based on age and risk factors, and additional resources.
  • Annual Well-Woman Exam Infographic. This resource provides providers, clinics, and communities with an infographic that can be used to promote the well-woman visit and its importance to women. This infographic can be printed and placed in clinic waiting rooms, exam rooms, health departments, or other frequently visited community locations.
  • Well-Woman Recommendations. This resource provides information on the different components of the well-woman visit and the current guidelines/recommendations for each component based on age group.
  • Committee Opinion, Well-Woman Visit. This resource provides information on the different components of the well-woman visit and the current guidelines/recommendations for each component.

Health Resources and Services Administration

  • Women’s Preventive Services Guidelines. This resource provides a list of women's preventive services covered under the Affordable Care Act. It also provides the HHS guideline for health insurance coverage for each preventive service listed, along with frequency of each preventive service.

Before, Between & Beyond Pregnancy

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, HRSA

  • Trauma-Informed Approach and Trauma-Specific Interventions. This resource provides information on a trauma-informed approach to care and lists SAMSHA’s six key principles of a trauma-informed approach. It also provides a description for a number of know trauma-specific interventions and provides links to more information.

ACEs Connection

  • Trauma-Informed Care Toolkits. This resource provides links to different trauma-informed toolkits and provides a brief description of each of the available toolkits.

Klinic Community Health Centre

  • Trauma-informed, The Trauma Toolkit, Second Edition. This resource is aimed at service organizations and providers that deliver trauma-informed services to patients. It will provide organizations and providers with knowledge about working with patients who have experienced or been affected by trauma. It will also help providers to develop a healthy relationship with these patients that will make the patients feel safe and trusting.

American Academy of Family Physicians

  • Well-Woman Exam Encounter Form. This resource is a medical form that can be utilized by providers during a well-woman visit. It has a section that is to be completed by the patient and a section to be completed by the provider. There is a link at the bottom of the form where providers can access more resources from the FPM Toolbox.

Industry Collaboration Effort (ICE)