Welcome to the Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes

Introduction to the READY Module

Ready IntroWelcome to the first module in the Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes. This module will show you how to build your coalition, understand the role of race and racism, and access your local data.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Assemble a diverse and effective coalition that is of and for the community.
  • Consider historical and contemporary racism, not only among the coalition, but also within participating organizations and the community(ies) the intervention will affect.
  • Collect and understand data that will tell your coalition where the disparities lie within a community and where the most impact can be made through an equity-focused intervention. 

TipsTips for Getting the Most from this Module

  • You can access the Ready, Set, Go modules from the navigation at the very top of the screen or you can access specific topics via the left-hand navigation bar. The modules are presented in order, but you can access any of their content, anytime, based on your learning needs.
  • You can access additional information, tools, and other resources to support your learning by clicking Read More under each topic. Additional learning and implementation materials are accessible through the Tools link at the top of the page and through the left-hand navigation bar.

What's in This Module

This module consists of three sections that walk you through initial steps in conducting an equity-focused public health intervention. See the topics below for each section. You can access the sections here or you can use the link at the bottom right of the page to walk through the steps sequentially.

Build Your Coalition

Who is At Your Table? Who is Missing?

Collective Impact

Identify & Support a Backbone Organization

Create a Common Agenda

Consider the Role of Race and Racism

U.S. Historical Context

Social Context

Race & Adverse Birth Outcomes

Facilitate Difficult Conversations

Access Your Local Data

Locate Your Data

Understand Your Data

Share Your Data

Proceed to Build Your Coalition