Welcome to the Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes

Welcome to the Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes eLearning Modules

happy kidsInequities in birth outcomes have persisted far too long in this country. While many cities have improved their overall birth outcomes, few have measurably reduced disparities, much less eliminated them. One reason for this is that science has not produced all the needed answers.

Though many public health programs are in place, very few have risen to the level of evidence-based practices, and few of those have been proven to reduce inequities.

LogosCityMatCH, with support from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, developed the Institute for Equity in Birth Outcomes (also known as the Equity Institute) to instill a data-driven focus to the public health strategies needed to eliminate birth outcome inequities. The Equity Institute kicked off in April 2013 with 4 teams and added 3 additional teams in January 2014. Interest in this Institute grew, spurring the development of 2 additional projects: the Ohio Equity Institute—a partnership between CityMatCH and the Ohio Department of Health working in 9 Ohio communities to address Ohio’s high infant mortality rate, and the Detroit Equity Institute—a W. K. Kellogg Foundation-funded project addressing Detroit’s high infant mortality rate.

Equity Institute Edict

The Equity Institute will:

  • Be a high-visibility, national movement of urban communities
  • Use data to understand birth outcome disparities
  • Employ public health strategies to reduce inequities in birth outcomes

Participating teams will:

  • Actively participate for 2-3 years, dependent on the Institute
  • Be CityMatCH-member led
  • Assemble multi-sector, local teams
  • Implement and evaluate equity initiatives developed with, and for, vulnerable populations in their health department jurisdictions

Equity Initiatives will be:

  • Selected based on the best available local data
  • Designed for success in the specific local context
  • Implemented using best practices in knowledge translation
  • Evaluated to demonstrate the effectiveness of program goals and methodologies

About the Modules

The e-learning experience provided here offers an opportunity for health departments and communities to replicate some of the work completed by participating Equity Institute Teams. Based on the “Ready, Set, Go” framework developed by CityMatCH, these modules walk users through the understanding, development, and evaluation of an equity-based initiative. The modules provide tools and knowledge from experts in the fields of public health, health equity, epidemiology, evaluation, community engagement, and much more!

The information provided in these modules is meant to be a starting point and can be adapted to the needs of individual communities. Instructions for navigating through the site are included at the top of each page.

Ready Set Go